Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Altcoin Investing Guide for Beginners By Carlo Barzini

  • Narrated by: Khai Lannor
  • Length: 5 hrs and 54 mins
  • Release date: 03-11-21

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Altcoin Investing Guide for Beginners AudioBook Summary

Bitcoin is a rat poison – or at $64K/BTC is not anymore?

Get this audiobook now and start investing or trading today!

Are you fed up already of listening to fluff from kids and want to listen to a proper audiobook on how to invest in crypto? If your answer is yes, look no further!

In this audiobook, you will discover:

  • What are the best cryptocurrency wallets, including hot wallets, cold wallets and mobile wallets, how to install them and how to use them for the intention of investing, trading, or exchanging purposes
  • How to protect your crypto and how to avoid online wallet hacks, ICO scams and pump, and dumps
  • What are the most common market manipulation tactics
  • Several techniques on how to research on a new, or existing crypto project, whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, any other new ICO (Initial Coin Offering), NFT (Non Fungible Tokens), or DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Protocols, so you can decide if you should invest or trade them by understanding Tokenomics and Technical Indicators
  • What are the best crypto exchanges for both investing and trading purposes, as well as how to register on them and how to use them most efficiently
  • You will also discover the most common crypto investing and trading mistakes and how to avoid them
  • If you are worried about how much taxes you should be paying on your gains and you want to automate that process, you will discover the best cryptocurrency tax tools including a step-by-step guide on how to use them
  • If you are ready to make money in crypto either short and/or long term, buy this audiobook now and get started today!


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