An Inconvenient Minority By Kenny Xu

  • Narrated by: Nathan Guo
  • Length: 8 hrs and 26 mins
  • Release date: 07-19-22

An Inconvenient Minority By Kenny Xu AudioBook Summary

Even in the midst of a nationwide surge of bias and incidents against them, Asians from coast to coast have quietly assumed mastery of the nation’s technical and intellectual machinery and become essential American workers. Yet, they’ve been forced to do so in the face of policy proposals—written in the name of diversity—excluding them from the upper ranks of the elite.

Journalist Kenny Xu traces elite America’s longstanding unease about a minority potentially upending them. Leftist agendas, such as eliminating standardized testing and lumping Asians into “privileged” categories have spurred Asian Americans to act.

Going beyond the Students for Fair Admission (SFFA) v. Harvard case, Xu unearths the skewed logic rippling countrywide, from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempted makeover of New York City’s Specialized School programs to the battle over “diversity” quotas in Google’s and Facebook’s progressive epicenters, to the rise of Asian American activism.


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