25 Days By Drew Logan, Myatt Murphy AudioBook Download

25 Days By Drew Logan, Myatt Murphy AudioBook Download

By: Drew Logan, Myatt Murphy

Narrated by: Roger Wayne

Length: 5 hrs and 29 mins


Release date: 09-12-17

Language: English

25 Days AudioBook Summary

What if we could train our brains to stop weight gain in our quest to be lean, healthy, and fit? Well, we can.

Celebrity trainer and cast member of NBC’s Strong, Drew Logan knows firsthand how the brain affects our ability to perform and function at our best. After dying three times in three hours – becoming the world’s only known medical case to survive three sudden cardiac arrests – he lost his short-term memory. He could no longer follow the complicated diet and fitness regimens he’d used on himself and his clients. He needed to create something simpler. He was shocked to discover that the resulting program was even more effective than his complicated regimen of the past.

In 25 Days, Drew outlines a unique, multifaceted approach that helps listeners rewrite their neurological patterning – what lies underneath those pesky habits that get in our way over and over again – so that the brain’s neural pathways, biochemistry, and hormones work together effectively, seamlessly, and efficiently. He defines what neurological patterns are, how they form, and the reason they’re secretly behind why most people fail to lose weight and get in shape. He breaks down these “unhealthy” patterns and shows how to erase them by creating healthier ones with diet, exercise, and a reward system.

File Size: 146.21 MB



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